Stitch Buffalo’s Mission

To advance social justice for refugee women in Buffalo, NY, by creating opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and economic empowerment through textile arts.



Educate individuals in contemporary textile design methods

Nourish and honor global textile traditions

Provide cross-cultural interaction, fostering a supportive social network

Stimulate literacy skills

Improve financial opportunities

Educate consumers in re-use of textile goods

Promote sustainability and environmental stewardship

Create a community of women supporting women


Stitch Buffalo was founded in 2014 and began with the simple desire to gather and create. We aim to empower refugee women of Buffalo by providing meaningful work and a fair wage. Like the domino effect, this small but powerful financial independence infuses each woman, her family and in turn, her community. Through the creation of beautiful, handcrafted textiles, she is nurturing her cultural heritage while assuring her self-worth as a woman and a human being.

We have grown into a thriving community of over 55 women from Bhutan, Burma, Nepal, Thailand and Angola. Each week these women come together to form a Refugee Women’s Workshop, sewing handcrafted goods for sale within the community.


Dawne Hoeg

Founder and Executive Director. Inspired by her professional life in the city of Buffalo, Dawne founded Stitch Buffalo in 2014. A creative at heart, Dawne has always loved the textile arts and has centered her career around this discipline. Concurrently working in the Textile and Fiber Arts Design Department at Buffalo State College, she also fills the role of handwork teacher at the Aurora Waldorf School.

The Board

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Stitch Buffalo is guided by a Board of Directors. The Board, together with the Executive Director, sets the budget, develops long-range plans, promotes Stitch within the community, and provides leadership in seeking resources to continue Stitch’s mission. Members serve three-year terms, and several became active at Stitch as volunteers prior to joining the Board.


Our team of dedicated volunteers make the work at Stitch Buffalo possible.